Traffic Jeet JV Leaderboard

Hey guys!

The Traffic Jeet Suite II launch is coming to an end, and
it's time to announce the final leadeboard and the contest

It was an excellent launch by all measures. We sold more
1,200 copies of the front-end product, and earned POTD
on JVzoo.

There were problems with Aweber, and Getrespone right
around the time of our launch which prevented some of the
affiliates from mailing, and hurt our launch a bit.

Despite all the Aweber troubles, it turned out to be
another Jeet winner!

A BIG thanks to all of those who mailed for us and made
this launch a success. We'll definitely be there for you
in your ventures :).

Now, before I give you the final leaderboard, let me tell
you about the next Jeet launch. It's going to be in April
2014... A product that will surely set the markets on fire.

We'll share the details in the next few days.

Now for the final leaderboard and contest prizes

#1 - Todd Gross
#2 - Walt Bayliss
#3 - Han Fan
#4 - Joshua Zamora
#5 - Dylan K
#6 - Christopher Jones
#7 - Simon Warner & Richard Fairbairn
#8 - Bill Cousins
#9 - Daniel Lew
#10 - Lisa Allen

People who nearly missed being on the leaderboard : Michael
Thomas, Frank Schwarz, Charles G. Boulais, Neil McPherson,
Kristie Chiles

Highest EPC - Christopher Jones (24.81%)

1st To 100 - Todd Gross
1st To 50 - Todd Gross
1st To 25 - Todd Gross

Winners, we're gonna hit you up on Skype soon and get your
paypal addresses so that we can pay you.

Let's talk on Skype
Cyril Gupta - cyrilgupta
Andre Stoelinga - e-profits

Thanks for the great launch guys. We really appreciate your

Here're our commitments to you

#1 - Great product tht's best in its class.
#2 - Prompt and effective support to your leads.
#3 - We'll support you when you need us.

See you again in April with another fantastic Jeet launch.


Cyril & Andre