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Prelaunch Swipes

Prelaunch swipe #1:


  • [IMPORTANT] Inevitable Changes - Shift Now While Your Competition Is Still Guessing !
  • [Free Software & Training] Copy A 1.7-Million-Monthly-Visitors Youtube Expert...

You simply cannot ignore the shift we're in the middle of
in the Online Business. If you want to keep growing your
business and benefit from these changes I urge you to make
the shift asap.

What shift am I talking about ?


That's right...that's what's happening and has been for at
least a year now. Video is now the most effective and most
profitable marketing tool these days and will continue to
grow even...

Here's some statistics from that proves this:

“Globally, Internet video traffic will be 55% of all consumer
Internet traffic in 2016, up from 51 percent in 2011.”

“According to Internet Retailer, 52% of consumers say that
watching product videos makes them more confident in their
online purchase decisions. When a video is information-intensive,
66% of consumers will watch the video two or more times.”

“ found that viewers who chose to view video converted at
a 400% increase over those who did not. also credits video
with decreasing returns by 25%.”

That's pretty confronting, isn't it ?

OK...listen up carefully...

Cyril "Jeet" Gupta, a good friend of mine, manages several authority
Youtube channels and gets around 2 MILLION views every month (and
ofcourse makes his share of profits with that :-) ).

For a limited time he's sharing his knowledge and tricks with
everyone who wants to learn what he GRAB IT NOW !

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"Wait a minute here...2 MILLION VIEWS ?"

Yes, you read that right. And he's sharing exactly how he did all
this to get where he is right now...and it's growing every day !

Can you even imagine what this could mean for YOUR business ?

I bet you listen up:

Cyril created a to the point video training that I'm allowed to
give to you for free. He's basically explaining his methods and
strategies to get the results he gets.

Wanna have a go at it ?

=> Go HERE and watch these free videos TODAY ! (link)

It's jump on this right away !

I'm preparing myself for my future marketing efforts, shifting
to more focus on video...and so should YOU...seriously.

These videos will not be available forever...keep that in mind.

=> Watch them HERE ! (link)

I'm absolutely sure this will be of great value to you, as it
was for me. It cleared up a lot for me...

To Your Well Deserved Success !

(Your Name)

Prelaunch swipe #2:


  • These Secret Video Marketing Tricks Got Him 70,000 Visitors A Day! Free Video Inside
  • Watch This Master YouTuber Reveal All His Secrets Free!
  • Are You Getting A Piece of YouTube's 1 Billion/Month Views? Learn how Free!


I want to start by asking you a question. Do you have
an effective strategy to tap into the huge ocean of
1 billion people that visit YouTube every month?

Video is now 53 per cent of the Internet traffic and
the number of visitors on YouTube are doubling every
year.. And that's been happening ever since YouTube
came into existence, and it doesn't seem to be

Imagine being in the center of this storm. Grabbing
a piece of this GIANT cake! The wonders it can do to
your online business.

What do you need to make this a reality?

Here's an opportunity to learn from someone who has
achieved a considerable amount of success in video

Cyril "Jeet" Gupta runs several YouTube channels and
gets more than 70,000 visitors a day on his channels.

Click here to see how he does it [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]]

He is putting out a couple of quick learning videos in
which he shows you the most important ingredients you
need to have, to create an awesome YouTube channel that
gets thousands of visitors per day.

His system is all about organic traffic. No paid traffic,
no ads. Just free traffic coming from organic search and

It's free right now, so there's no reason for you to miss
out on this fabulous offer. Do your video marketing
business a favor (or build one if you don't have it), and
click on the link below to get started.

Here's the link [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]]

When you're done, you will surely have more than what you
got started with.

Here's to a successful video marketing business for you!!


Prelaunch Swipe #3 - Short Swipe


  • [Free Video Training] Youtube Authority Shares His Stuff...
  • [Free Game Changer] It's not often we have a Youtube Specialist spill his guts...

We don't often get to copy an expert's strategies and
tricks, simply because MOST experts just won't share
their succes in any way...

Well, Cyril "Jeet" Gupta is quite different...he's very
dedicated to help others succeed, especially when it
comes to Youtube and Video Marketing.

He's now put up (for a limited time) a FREE video training
of how he does it...and get this:

He gets 2 MILLION VIEWS a MONTH on Youtube !

I've known Cyril for quite some time now and all I can
say is...this guy is for REAL. What you can learn from
him will definitely help you make more money, as it did
thousands of his students.

=> Grab this FREE training NOW ! (link)

It's only available for 2 days...that's it. After that
he's going to charge you for it.

Enjoy and To Your Success !

(Your Name)

Launch Swipes

Launch Swipe 1 - TRAFFIC ANGLE


  • This YouTube Suite Has Everything You Need To Get 30,000 Viewers A Day
  • I Can't Believe That This YouTube Marketing Pack Is Actually Real!
  • This Is The Only Way To Get Lasting Rankings On YouTube
  • This Guy Gets 30,000 Viewers A Day On His YouTube Channel... Find Out How!

Hi [[firstname]],

Can you imagine getting 30,000 views a day on your YouTube
channel? That's more than 2 million views a month! What
will you be able to do if you could generate that kind of

For someone who's struggling with getting even a 1,000 views
on the channel every day, this sounds downright fantastic.
Doesn't it?

Well, this guy has cracked the secret to getting unbelievable
number of views on his YouTube channel. Watch him show you the
tools he uses to make it happen.

Click here to see them in action >> [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]]

The toolset you'll see is called Traffic Jeet Suite 2. This is
downright the most amazing suite of YouTube marketing apps you
will ever see in your life, and that's no light claim.

The suite has 6... That's right SIX! Fantastic YouTube keyword,
optimization and analytics applications. Each application is a
unique tool that implements specific strategies that you can
use to send your channel into overdrive.

Thanks to this tool, you can do laser targeting of high-yield
keywords that you can systematicallly find and dominate. It's
not difficult to master. In fact YOU can do it so easily that
you'll be upset you didn't discover this earlier.

The Traffic Jeet suite is really-really effective and this is
why the developer of the suite has built some really amazing
channels on YouTube. If the proof of the pudding is in the
eating, as they say... Then this guy is a glutton!

You've got to see this suite in action >> [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]]

The software in this are :

1. Traffic Jeet - Market research, competition tracking, rank

2. Tube Reaper Jeet - Keyword research, keyword harvesting.

3. Tube Inspector Jeet - Niche profitability analysis, competition

4. Tube Detonator Jeet - Analyze keyword on Google+Youtube.

5. Tube Chimp Jeet - Competition spying, intelligence gathering,
keyword discovery.

6. Vidwords Jeet - Niche Discovery, Keyword collection.

Each software is worth the price that the entire suite is being
sold for right now.

Here's the thing though... This product is selling like hot-cake
and with every sale the price of the suite is set to rise. It's
going to be a lot more expensive in a little while.

I suggest you get on the ground floor, and make sure you get the
best bargain on it.

Here's the link once more >> [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]]

Here's to getting you a Niagra waterfall of unending traffic!!


Launch Email #2 - Earnings Angle


  • What Can 10,000 Visitors A Day Do To Your Earnings?
  • Do Your Offers Need More Traffic? This Software Gets It For You!
  • Get An Earnings Boost With This Breakthrough Traffic Software!
  • This Software Supercharges Your YouTube Campaigns With Organic Traffic!


You and I both know that Traffic is the most important ingredient of
earning more online. Just the other day I read this little motivational
article on making money through offers, and the most important message
it delivered was -- "Place your offer in front of the traffic".

Pretty simple, and pretty powerful. I am pretty sure that you'll really
be excited if you could find a way to multiply the present traffic on
your offers by 2x, or 3x, or maybe even 10x!!

Today I came across Cyril 'Jeet', a marketer who gets nearly 10,000 views
a day on his YouTube channel... Viewers that he can harness and send
right across to his offers. It's crazy what that kind of traffic can do
to your profit figures.

Here's how you can do it >> [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]]

Imagine what your earnings would be if YOU could get 10,000 views a day?

He does it with perfect optimization of his videos, and by targeting the
best and the most profitable keywords.

In fact he has developed a complete suite of products -- Traffic Jeet Suite
2, which has six amazing applications for video marketing on YouTube. This
toolset has everything you need to give a MAJOR MAJOR BOOST to your YouTube

It's all about long-term rankings and organic traffic. It's not about
building backlinks on the auto which can really kill your business when the
next Google update happens (which could be next week!).

Cyril has a demo of his power-suite on this page, and he also shows you
exactly how he gets 10,000 .... 30,000 and even 70,000 views a day on his

It's crazy stuff. Click here >> [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]]

This is absolutely a cracker of a toolset, and right now it's out at an
amazing price. It's too good to believe in fact. You just have to see it
and know that every one of those apps is worth as much as this guy's
asking for the entire 6 application suite.

But he's built a catch! The price rises every time someone purchases this
product, so the longer you wait, the more you have to pay for it.

If YouTube is a part of your business (as it should be because it gets
more than a billion visitors a month)... Then this is the tool that you
must possess.

Here's the link for you >> [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]]

Cheers & Talk soon!


Launch Email #3 - Short Swipe


  • 2 Million Views a Month on Youtube ? What the...
  • How about Tens of Thousands of visitors....DAILY !
  • Get An Earnings Boost With This Breakthrough Traffic Software!
  • [2 Million Views] Imagine what this means for your business...

How would you like to get 10,000 visitors a day you can
send straight to your offers ? Sounds good ???

OK...what if you could get page ONE rankings that DON'T
disappear within no-time ?

Sounds crazy huh...

What if you're GUARANTEED to keep your rankings for the
long run ?

Well, it's NO joke...and quite easy !

=> Watch the video and see how (link)

Cyril "Jeet" Gupta is releasing an INSANE powerpacked
youtube Marketing Suite with 6 powerful applications
that will save you weeks...MONTHS of time and simply
shoots your rankings to the top 3 within HOURS !

On a bad day you could have ONLY 5,000 visitors a day.
How crazy is that for ya...

=> Get this Software Suite for the lowest price ! (link)

Everyone's talking about this, so make sure you get in
asap...the price will go up really fast. You're one
of MANY marketers who want to get their hands on this...

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See you inside !
Don't let this slip...

To Ultimate Success,
(Your Name)